Panorama of Aalborg

Accepted papers:

Tomáš Dzetkulič and Stefan Ratschan. Incremental Computation of Succinct Abstractions For Hybrid Systems
Taolue Chen, Marco Diciolla, Marta Kwiatkowska and Alexandru Mereacre. Time-Bounded Verification of CTMCs Against Real-Time Specifications
Martin Lange and Bahareh Badban. Exact Incremental Analysis of Timed Automata with an SMT-Solver
Bart Theele, Marc Geilen and Jeroen Voeten. Performance Model Checking Scenario-Aware Dataflow
Kai Lampka, Matthias Woehrle and Lothar Thiele. Conformance Testing of Hybrid Systems: Achieving Scalability by Segmenting Trace Inclusion Checks
Gilles Geeraerts, Nathalie Sznajder and Jean-François Raskin. Event-clock automata: from theory to practice
Sriram Sankaranarayanan, Hadjar Homaie and Clayton Lewis. Model-Based Dependability Analysis of Programmable, Real-Time Medical Devices
Patricia Bouyer, Nicolas Markey and Ocan Sankur. Robust Model-Checking of Timed Automata via Pumping in Channel Machines
Paritosh Pandy, Krishna S and Dileep Kini. On Construction of Safety Signal Automata for MITL[U,S] using Temporal Projections
Stefan Kupferschmid and Bernd Becker. Craig Interpolation in the Presence of Non-linear Constraints
Krishnendu Chatterjee and Rupak Majumdar. Minimum Attention Controller Synthesis for Omega-Regular Objectives
Lucian Bentea and Peter Olveczky. Probabilistic Real-Time Rewrite Theories and their Expressive Power
Parosh Abdulla, Giorgio Delzanno, Arnaud Sangnier, Othmane Rezine and Riccardo Traverso. On the Verification of Timed Ad Hoc Networks
Jan-David Quesel, Martin Fränzle and Werner Damm. Crossing the bridge between similar games
Corina Mitrohin and Andreas Podelski. Composing Stability Proofs for Hybrid Systems
Nicolas Basset and Eugene Asarin. Thin and thick timed regular languages
Sven Schneider and Uwe Nestmann. Rigorous Discretization of Hybrid Systems Using Process Calculi
Suleiman Abu Kharmeh, Kerstin Eder and David May. A Design-for-Verification Framework for a Configurable Performance-Critical Communication Interface
Alexandre David, Kim G. Larsen, Axel Legay, Marius Mikučionis, Danny Bøgsted Poulsen, Jonas Van Vliet and Zheng Wang. Statistical Model Checking for Networks of Priced Timed Automata
Louis-Marie Traonouez, Axel Legay, Andrzej Wasowski and Kim G. Larsen. Robust Specification of Real Time Components